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Sound bathing with Sacred Sound Journeys is truly magical. Masterfully playing perfectly toned and blessed crystal bowls, gongs and divine instrumentation, Joey transforms a space with sound, waking up every cell of your body and harmonizing your being and the space around you. I experienced feeling completely connected to the deepest parts of myself and the oneness and perfection of life. It was bliss. I highly recommend exploring the transcendental experience of sound medicine at Sacred Sound Journeys.


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As humans, life experiences can sometimes close us down, compress our vision and make us feel small and insignificant. We may all benefit from taking a journey outside of ourselves to feel that we are a key part of a bigger picture. We need to feel that we can contribute to a larger plan, just by being here and being who we are. The world needs people who are deeply connected to, and living in, that bigger place. We need to know that all of us can inspire hope and show the universe that we can accomplish great things. 


A symphony of crystal alchemy bowls and planetary gongs, combined with other sacred sounds, enables us to transport to a place of connection. Immersed in these vibrations, we are fully present within ourselves. We achieve a state of sacred divine self that expands us into a bigger force and connects us to love, potential hope, and possibilities beyond the “normal." There is no real barrier between sound as a healing modality, sound as an aid to communication, or sound as music. 


Sound vibrations are a spectrum along which creativity abounds and in which intent plays a major role. With intent, music is a healing modality and ambient sound is a creative medium. This is made possible by a welcoming environment, the intention of the artist, and the openness of the receivers. If sound bathers who attend are open to journeying to a place of healing or clarity, then my intention is to help you achieve this. If you are purely visiting my sacred space to enjoy a creative soundscape then I am grateful for your presence.

The Sound Journey - Joey McCune
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